The dBulletin Search Engine


In the entryfield at the bottom of this page, just enter the string to be searched and push the Submit button. Don't use quotes unless they are part of the expression you are looking for. Neither should you use quotes if your string contains a space. The dBulletin search engine is programmed to know that this space is part of the string to search for.

Use only a comma to separate differents strings; any other sign (semi-colon, period, slash, etc.) will be interpreted as part of the string to search for. For example, if you are looking for the strings calculated field and grid, they should be entered this way: 

Special cases

Enter the string as it should appear in the text. For example, Grid (with a capital G) will be found only in articles in which this word appears with its first letter capitalized. On the other hand, the same can not be said for 'grid': when an expression is not found, the search engine makes a second pass on proper(expression) and upper(expression). This is why 'grid' will work on articles in which 'grid', 'Grid' and 'GRID' are to be found. For these reasons, words like dBulletin and dBASE must be entered exactly as such.

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