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Windows software for creating "everyname" or "back of the book" indexes

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Multi-Dex - The Multiple Indexer for Windows is also available!!

After entering the appropriate data such as book name, family names and family members associated with family names and pages for those family members, GenIndexwill create a two-column, alphabetical report. This report can either be used in it's native format, or it can be exported into 16 different file formats, including formats for Microsoft Word and Excel, QuatroPro, and Lotus 1-2-3. If you export the report to a "Rich Text Format" or .RTF file, you can then import this file into Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Claris Works, and other word processing software for additional editing or storing of the data. Developed and compiled using Visual dBase, this program will help you produce a professional index for your book.

Extensively beta tested by genealogy researchers such as yourself, we are confident you will find GenIndexis the easiest, most user-friendly indexing program on the market today.

GenIndexis a Windows compliant, "everyname" or "back of the book" indexing program. GenIndex requires the following hardware:

  • Operating System: Windows 95 or 98, WIN NT (4.0)
  • Processor: 486DX or better with 8 mg. RAM (12 preferred)
  • Free Disk Space: 6mg for installation
  • Graphics Card: VGA (SVGA preferred) set to 800X600 resolution minimum
  • Printer:

Why GenIndex©?

  • GenIndex is fully Windows compliant - operates on Windows 95/98, and Win NT
  • You can freely distribute reports created with GenIndex without fear of distributing copyrighted materials and violating copyright laws
  • Reports can be used as-is - no need for additional word processing software
  • Report data can be exported to 16 different file formats for additional formatting with the click of a mouse
  • Data can be stored and retrieved as needed
  • Tested by genealogy researchers like yourself

GenIndex© options are as follows:

Genealogy organizations and groups call for special pricing!!

  • Fully-functional, 15-day "Demo" version - $14.00 on CD or click here to download the demo version for free.  When you register your "demo" version, the $14.00 will be deducted from the full price of $29.95.

Shipping and handling are extra (normal shipping is by priority mail @ $3.20).  Florida residents will be charged sales tax.


Indexes Produced by users of GenIndex

St. John's UCC, New Chester, Adams Co, PA

The King vs Henry Hartman for the Murder of Adam Staab

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